Camper Bicho Navy T-Bar Sandal

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Closed navy T-strap sandal for kids.  Full grain leather and EVA outsole.

The First Walkers range features flexible yet sturdy styles made for little ones who are taking their first steps.

Our Bicho kids' sandals offer an adjustable design and an ergonomic footbed made of rubber and recycled rice husks for natural movement.


Upper: Leather (Calfskin); Colour: Navy; Outsole/Features: EVA for lightweight. Velcro straps for easy fit; Insole: Padded collars for ankle support and stability; Lining: 100% Leather - Leather Working Group Certified

Product Care

Our shoes are made with carefully selected, premium materials. The use of the right shoe care products will ensure these styles are protected and will last for a long time.

  1. Remove dirt and grime with a soft cloth.
  2. Protect leather from dirt and humidity with a Protect & Care Spray.
  3. Clean and moisturize leather with a Clean & Care Lotion.
  4. For extra protection, apply a Waterproofing Spray.
  5. Nourish leather with a Shoe Cream. Apply a thin coat and allow a few minutes to dry.
  6. Polish leather with a cloth.

Size Guide



Junior UK3 ½


Junior UK4 ½


Junior UK5 ½


Junior UK6


Junior UK7