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Button and Squirt Sharks Fact Cards

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Button and Squirt Sharks Fact Cards

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      The shark fact cards follow the same theory as my other card sets, each card features my original illustration and common name on a coloured background that represents where in the world you can find them (the sharks have a different colour system to the other cards as this time I've focused on the various bodies of water around the world rather than continents) when you turn the card over you find the animals scientific name, what they eat, their conservation status, how they reproduce and 3 fun facts. 

      You can use the cards as flash cards initially, simply using them to learn the names of 35 different shark species, then you can move on to learning the information about them and the facts, testing each other as you know more and progressing into a fun and educational game. Younger ones will love to sort the cards into colours finding out which sharks live in the same areas, or you could sort them by the kind of food they eat, or how about sorting them into the way their babies are born. Theres so many great ways to play and learn. 

      The set includes 36 cards, 1 key card and 35 animal cards. Presented in a fully printed box that has all the sharks on it (that's another fun game, pulling out a card and finding it on the box).

      Set includes 

      Basking Shark 

      Bigeye Thresher

      Blacktip Reef Shark

      Blue Shark

      Brownbanded Bamboo Shark 

      Bull Shark 


      Cookiecutter Shark 

      Daggernose Shark 

      Dusky Shark 

      Dwarf Lantern Shark 

      Epaulette Shark 

      Frilled Shark 

      Goblin Shark 

      Great White Shark 

      Greenland Shark 

      Gulper Shark 

      Scalloped Hammerhead Shark 

      Lemon Shark 

      Leopard Shark 

      Longfin mako Shark

      Longnose Sawshark 

      Megamouth Shark 

      New Guinea River Shark

      Nurse Shark 

      Pigeye Shark 

      Puffadder Shyshark 

      Pyjama Shark 

      Spinner shark 

      Tasselled Wobbegong

      Tiger Shark 

      Whale Shark 

      Oceanic Whitetip Shark 

      Whitetip Reef Shark 

      Zebra Shark 

      I wanted to create this set of cards to bring some much needed love to the sharks that swim in our oceans, they are a very misunderstood group of animals that get some very bad press (Jaws I'm looking at you). Sharks are truly amazing creatures that we need to keep our oceans healthy, so its about time we all learnt a bit more about them and realised how much love they really deserve.

      Made in the UK

      FSC certified card

      CE tested

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