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Saponista's Artisan Soap

Who are we?

My name is Claire and I am the driving force behind Saponista’s Artisan Soap.
As a small Devon based business we take pride in knowing that all of our soaps are handmade, from scratch, using traditional methods

We take our time making soap; curing each bar for a minimum of four weeks, ensuring they harden to last longer and improve lather

Our soaps are produced from natural, sustainable vegetable oils
They are all SLS and paraben free

We are a certified business with the Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers. The guild has the mission to “raise awareness of legislation relating to craft soap and toiletry making and to increase industry compliance.”

We are also proud to be certified Animal Cruelty Free by PETA under the Beauty Without Bunnies programme

What makes our soap different?

The business was born out of a desire to find scented products that would be kind to my sensitive skin.

I started making traditional soap for myself four years ago and I am now an experienced soap maker. Soap making quickly grew into a real passion and I longed to be able to share my products with others.

As a former scientific researcher, I use my knowledge and experience to formulate unique recipes that not only look good, but function

I have won international awards for my artistic soap design.

Where does the name Saponista come from?

The chemical reaction involved in the process of turning natural oils into traditional soap is called ‘saponification’.

All of our soap is produced by experienced Saponista’s (soapmakers) just like an artisan barista makes an amazing coffee.

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